Elevator Roller Kit for 1in Wide Tubing


Elevator Roller Kit for assembling a mechanism which allows two pieces of 1×1 tubing (or t-slot extrusion) to slide in relation to each other in a linear motion.

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Competition Robot Parts is pleased to bring back our Elevator Roller Kit with more features to make designing and building elevator mechanisms easier.  This kit allows teams to assemble a mechanism to allow two pieces of 1×1 tubing (or t-slot extrusion) to slide in relation to each other in a linear motion.  This kits provides a solution that is lighter and more space-efficient than mechanisms using 2×1 tubing.  Here are some feature highlights:

  • Flanged Delrin rollers provide support in the lateral and thrust axes.
  • .125in thick aluminum plates define center-to-center distance of the rollers.
  • .196in holes for use with #10 fasteners or 3/16in rivets.
  • Hole positions to rivet or bolt to 1×1 tubing as well as bolt to standard 1×1 t-slot extrusion.
  • Kit contains parts for one elevator stage (4 roller pairs)
    • (8) Delrin Stepped Rollers
    • (8) Aluminum Mounting Plates
    • (8) Roller Shaft Bolts
    • (8) Shaft Retention Nuts
  • Does not include tubing or other structural members.
  • Kit weighs approximately .544 pounds.

For teams who are familiar with the elevator roller kit design from the 2015 season, here are the big changes:

  • The roller diameter has been made smaller to save weight and space.
  • The spacing between the two sliding pieces of tubing has been increased to .5in (per user request) to allow teams to hold a .5in hole spacing on all structural and spacing members.
  • The active roller surface has been extended to surround the head of the shoulder bolt in order to provide additional support.

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Weight 0.544 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in