Elevator Bearing Kit V3


Elevator Bearing Kit for assembling a mechanism which allows two pieces of rectangular tubing (or t-slot extrusion) to slide in relation to each other in a linear motion.

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Competition Robot Parts is pleased to present the 3rd iteration of our Elevator Bearing Kit!  This kit allows teams to assemble a mechanism to allow two pieces of rectangular tubing (or t-slot extrusion) to slide in relation to each other in a linear motion.  This kit is designed to mount to the narrow side of rectangular tubing with a narrow-side dimension of 1in (e.g. 1×1, 1×2, 1×3 tubing) and thus will work with a variety of tubing dimensions.  V3 is smaller, lighter, more robust, and best of all, costs less than other solutions on the market!

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Shielded ball bearings provide support in the lateral and thrust axes.
  • Aluminum blocks are notched to self-locate on the side of rectangular tubing.
  • Black anodized because, let’s be honest, it just looks cool.
  • .196in mounting holes for use with #10 fasteners or 3/16in rivets.
  • Hole positions to rivet or bolt to rectangular tubing as well as bolt to t-slot extrusion.
  • Roller blocks come pre-assembled.
  • Kit contains parts for one elevator stage (8 roller block assemblies):
    • (16) Shielded Ball Bearings (R188ZZ)
    • (8) Aluminum Mounting Blocks
    • (8) Bearing Shaft Bolts
    • (8) Bearing Retension Screws
  • Does not include tubing or other structural members.
  • Does not include fasteners for mounting roller blocks to tubing.
  • Kit weighs approximately .520 pounds.

What’s changed since V2?

  • Shielded ball bearings are used instead of Delrin rollers for lower-friction motion and increased service life.
  • Individual bearings support the lateral and thrust axes for further reduced friction.
  • Aluminum blocks on either side of the tubing support the bearings instead of aluminum plates for easier assembly and reduced footprint.
  • Stage spacing increased from 0.5in to 0.75in (still maintains elevator stage widths in increments of 0.5in to line up with pre-drilled tubing).

CAD Download

Additional information

Weight .520 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
Elevator Tubing Size