CAN Extension Cable, 3ft (914mm), 5-pack


A 3ft extension cable for joining components of a CAN network.

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These cables are an easy way to connect the devices on your robot’s CAN bus together.  Here are some feature highlights:

  • 3ft (914mm) long (nominal).
  • 2 twisted cables (green and yellow).
  • 3-pin 0.1in (2.54mm) pitch connectors to interface with existing CAN devices.
  • 26AWG silicone wire for maximum flexibility.
  • Weight (1 cable): 0.013lbs (6g)

The cable can be cut and used as a pigtail to interface with the Weidmuller connectors on either end of the CAN bus.

Bag of 5 cables.

Additional information

Weight .09 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × .5 in
Cable Connectors

3-Pin, 0.1in Pitch, Female, 3-Pin, 0.1in Pitch, Male

Cable Length


Cable Shape

Male-to-Female (Extension)