Design Sample: 3-Stage Elevator

Here is a sample design of the structure for a 3-stage elevator* constructed using the Elevator Bearing Kit V3, 1in Wide 90 Degree Plate Brackets, and other parts that are available from common FRC suppliers.

The 3-stage elevator provides additional vertical extension over a 2-stage elevator. Additional stages can be added to create 4+ stage elevators (if needed) using the design principles shown here.

This design follows a conventional approach to FRC elevator design. Other configurations are possible but this is one of the most common.

The structure is 2in x 1in rectangular aluminum tubing (commonly 1/8in or 1/16in wall thickness). The brackets are typically riveted on using blind rivets (also called “pop rivets”).

In order to provide clearance for the elevator bearings to roll the full length of the elevator, the brackets have to be trimmed on the sides. This can be accomplished using a bandsaw or other cutting tools or the off-the-shelf brackets in this design can be replaced by custom brackets.

CAD Files (.step)

*This mechanism is intended as an example to help inspire teams to come up with designs of their own.  It is not guaranteed to be capable of completing the described task or being legal under the 2020 FRC rules.